The Browns – Nov 15, 1999

from the Daily Nebraskan

Another cartoon accused of being racist. I was just trying to say how many good football players Nebraska had with the last name of Brown. Some thought the white woman was supposed to be OJ’s dead ex-wife Nicole Brown. This is why I don’t do nice cartoons anymore.

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One Response to The Browns – Nov 15, 1999

  1. Sarah says:

    You must understand that after years of slavery and being dumbed down….we take most things that guys should watch the contex that you use while speaking,drawing or anything like that…If white people were kept as sleves for 400 years, had thier ancestry removed and and are 400 years behind.
    But anything we do thats good must be destroyed or stolen..We built the white house…we built pyramids…we created maths and lived in houses not caves….we sat on soft furry chairs which enabled our bottoms to be athletic not broad and flat as if we had been sitting on rocks…The reason black peolple are good at sport is we have been chasing mammoths and other animals for centrys….
    Sorry but i have to rant everynow and again…YOU GUYS SHOULD FEEL BAD!!!

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