17 Responses to Weapons of Marines’ destruction – Sep 20, 2007

  1. Matt says:

    Bullshit. DI’s have to be hard on recruits to teach them to be able to operate in high stress environments. This is to prepare recruits for combat, because a Marine who can’t operate in combat is DRT–Dead Right There.

  2. Nate says:

    OH-RAH, My instructors were’nt any kind of daisies, I came through it rough but we all did, everything they tought me in San Diego kept me the FUCK alive in the sand box, fucking liberal pussies. Always remember liberal assholes, American Heros like those Drills yer busting on died for your right to write, draw and generaly act like assholes

  3. wyatt says:

    If it wasn’t for my drill instructors busting our asses, I would have never made it home from Iraq. They’re doing it to teach you a lesson, not just to amuse yourself. Fuck all the liberal pussy democrats.

  4. devil dag says:

    well liberal or not the DI’s push us so we stay alive over there. Some do it the wrong way and give the good ones a bad name. Beating the crap out of a recruitand not teaching him anything isnt good leadership. That is why we have shit bags sl;lip through the cracks and fuck the corp up from the inside. Some of the happen to become4 drill insructors, some become platoon Sgt’s. It is what it is.

  5. Richie says:

    DI’s do the job right. This trash is written by someone who want’s something given to them. DI’s are sometimes wrong on approach, but they do the job that some liberal punk will not. Do not hate them for molding boys into men. Hate mothers of america for turning DI’s into babysitters.

  6. Latasha says:

    If you’re a pussy… go join the National Guard, but if you want a real fight join the Marine Corps, that’s what i say. My DIs were ruthless towards me, but at the same time they gave me everything i have now in order to survive in combat. Yeah, i hated it at the time, but i can now see a bit of my DIs in myself. I wish everyone would quit fucking pointing fingers at Drill Instructors and actually thank them for turning little punk ass kids into REAL men and women.

    ALMA G. replied:


  7. Ken Williams says:

    I’m a rare breed; a radical-liberal Marine (No-LOAD Marine). I have no delusions about my country being perfect, nor my Marine Corps being perfect (both are certainly the best there are), but this is obviously the work of someone who is uninformed about the realities of my Corps, and didn’t care enough to take the time to complete some accurate and unbiased research before publishing this crap. While in the Corps I worked in the office at MCRD San Diego that handled and responded to Congressional and public inquiries involving recruit mistreatment. In the approximately 2 years I was involved, not once was there even the hint of DI abuse intentionally targeting or intending to hurt a recruit. The vast majority of recruit injuries was sustained as a result of carelessness, or exaggeration of the actual events leading-up to the injury, exacerbated by extreme whining by the recruit and/or his family.

    This political cartoon is just that; political.

    neal replied:

    What exactly do you think happened here? Do you think I just woke up one day and was like “Hey, I think I’ll draw a cartoon that accuses a Marine Corps trainer of abusing recruits!” ? This stuff was in the press, getting covered pretty heavily at the time. The military jury convicted this particular drill instructor of eight counts of abuse. As the L.A. Times reported at the time,

    “In the last three years, the recruit depot, which has nearly 500 drill instructors, has seen 44 drill instructors charged with misconduct toward recruits. Of those 44, only two before Glass went to court-martial; others were punished or admonished through an administrative process.”

    Now I’m obviously in no position to try to sotp you from claiming it’s all made up, but to act like this comes from a perspective that is either uninformed or dishonest – and by extention acting like these accusations never happened – is pretty silly to say the least. You claim that “not once was there even the hint of DI abuse.” Somebody should tell those 44 drill instructors.

    I would like to respond to your closing argument by pointing out that this political cartoon is also a cartoon.

  8. sivels says:

    I hope they did break a few recruits off cause the only people that get hurt in bootcamp are the shit bags that don’t wanna be there. The drill instructors where only doing there part in cleaning up the corps by destroying the weak bitches who try and slip through the cracks right from the start.

  9. ALMA G. says:


  10. ALMA G. says:


  11. House says:

    Just another civilian artist speaking on a subject he is obviously ignorant about. Ever heard the phrase, “ask a Marine”? Well, I guess its safe to say Neil didn’t. Everyone is entitled to their opinion the same as everyone is free to be $h!t on if they say something stupid. That is pretty damn stupid, Neil! Just do me this much, Neil. Keep in mind that these are the men and women who provide the security blanket you sleep under each night. You, well you just draw.

  12. Sgt. Buck says:

    The Marine Corps is a Warrior culture. Marines train hard. Combat is no easy thing where you get to call “TIME OUT” when you get stressed. Many of us who are older Marines think the recruits have it too easy today. When boot camp and training is too easy then “YES”, poorly prepared people do die in combat, it’s not a joke. If your little boy or girl joins the Marine Corps tell them to tough it out. When DI’s cross the line, they are handled by the Corps. Semper Fidelis!

  13. Jacques says:

    I”m proud of my service in the Corps. I’m 46 years old and I wear my Marine colors proudly; more now than I ever did as a 21 year old. My Drill Instructors, Senior DI SSgt myers, DI Sgt Barnes, and DI Sgt Richardson kicked our asses (literally) from one end to another. Thanks to those men I carry myself with excellence, discipline, integrity, and pride to this day. OOHRAH!!! 2nd Recruit Training Battalion, Fox Company, Platoon 2077, Parris Island S.C. graduated 5 October, 1983

  14. YoungMarine says:

    I quote from ihatetheusmc.com:

    “I think most people join knowing that the Marine’s won’t be easy. That is why most join the USMC over the other branches! However, I do not think anyone expects to be treated like a subhuman. Abuse does not equal training. It is not constructive to creating an elite war fighter. It just creates a crippled human being. There, lies the difference.

    If you think being treated like less of a human being is normal and satisfactory, then I think you have an unhealthy world view and your relationships probably suffer as a result.

    I assume posting this testimonial is healing for Michael Power’s and it may be helping him move on. Telling someone to “grow a pair” is not gonna help the man and it is not gonna solve the problems the MC faces.”

    What are your thoughts?

  15. LCPLMarine says:

    I joined the Marines wanting the harder training, because I am the kind of person who when I do something I do the best I can at the highest level available. I went in expecting the rough treatment and I can honestly say yeah i sucks getting punched in the face, getting a clip board to the throat, being kicked back down into a fox hole along with many other things, but not once while I was under going training did I think I was get abused. I thank my DI’s for making me into the Marine I am and there is nothing I would change about my experience getting here. If there is a case of a DI “abusing” a recruit it would be if the DI not being hard enough, I would rather see a scar from boot camp than a coffin later.

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