6 Responses to The law is the law – April 27, 2008

  1. Joe Morgan says:

    Neal, you are quite possibly the only thing worth reading the LJS. Thank you for providing a bit of sanity in this great state.

  2. nathan says:

    What kind of citizen are you??? What kind of patriotism do you show?!? HA! Excellent cartoon, very accurate. Keep on offending people with your “derogatory and misleading” cartoons, as yes, you are quite possibly the only thing worth reading in the LJS. Well, that and the complaints about your cartoons.

  3. Ah, so true. Look at what’s happening today with immigration law – not getting better.

  4. Great cartoon I must say! It’s not only US having problems with immigration laws tho as it may sound. Countries like Sweden have this huge problem to. I’m not against immigration, but you have to have controll on the flow to be able to provide quality to the immigrants making them better habitants.

    My five cents

    // Caspar

  5. There has to be a solution to these immigration problems!

  6. I think this cartoon strip states the whole truth. Immigration has always been a pain so I really hope that the issues will be resolved.

    Nice share, anyway. Thanks.

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