0 Responses to The two Nebraskas – Nov 16, 2008

  1. Civis says:


    You are right on with this one. Congratulations.
    The concept of justice and academic freedom has eluded Nebraska again. No wonder the folks at home are shocked when Junior comes home with a diverse belief or opinion. Its just not the Nebraska way to look at more than one position on every issue.

    Unfortunately I recent was “entertained by the UNL marching band playing a tribute to Michael Jackson on the 25thanniversary of Triller. The band iplayed t at a recent home UNL FB game and at KSU yesterday.
    Did everyone at UNL have a brain freeze or did they just conviently forget the aligations made by his sister as well as a number of young boys and the legal charges that have been filed against him.
    Now thats real UNL music !

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