2 Responses to Hicks get cold – Mar 24, 2009

  1. As a Nebraskan living in Berlin, Germany, just trying to find out about today’s tornadoes, I was surprised and pleased to come across your marvelous cartoons. I have lived a long ways away from Nebraska for a long time, but I have family there, and remember the spirit of its people — and you certainly seem to have your finger on that pulse. (As well as being quite willing to tap happily away with a metaphorical little rubber hammer to ensure they don’t get too complacent.) ;-) Continued good luck in saving Editorial Cartooning! Herzlich Grüse, Mark.

  2. Edward Wilson-Porter says:

    The cartoon shows a great picture in contrast between Eastern Nebraska and the West. The West Feels the East is out of Touch and we in the East reach out to our friends in the West. It just shows how two people look at one thing and view it differently.

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