3 Responses to Love, Grandpa – Apr 16, 2009

  1. Vernon R. Hoyt Sr. says:

    Mr Obermeyer Your cartoon of April 18th love,Grampa shows why the print media is losing their readership,why cant you under stand that the natinol dept is going to be a burden not only on our grand childern but our great grand childrern.We should all be concerened of high ifant morality,but you on the left do not concern your self of the millions of abortions that have and are still taking place in this country.You on the left worry about unsustainable depletion of resources,but think its wonderful that millions of undocumented peoples use our borders like a sieve.Ah yes Neal I remember the exact moment we started to lose this country it was last January.

    Nathan replied:

    But since we’ve murdered all of those babies, we won’t have to pay them welfare in the future or pay to put them in jails, thus lowering our overall tax burden. It seems that the left IS concerned about national debt!

    neal replied:

    Not to mention the hundreds of billions of military dollars we’ll save each year after we turn the country over to the terrorists!

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