3 Responses to Castle laws in the air – June 14, 2009

  1. Jim says:

    Awww… come on Neal! People leaving the state aren’t basing their decisions on gun laws. Imagine the discussion: “I’m out of here because too many non-criminals are carrying firearms around. I’m going to a better city, like Chicago, where only the criminals have guns, and they aren’t afraid to use them.”

  2. neal says:

    Right, and this wasn’t a real depiction of a real newscast either, nor do news graphic departments put guns in heart boxes. That strikes me as a somewhat arbitrarily literal reading, but to be clear, it’s all metaphorical shorthand for “This state keeps getting stupider and stupider.”

    (But as a direct response to your fantasy scenario, it’s probably worth pointing out that non-gun lovers aren’t as frightened by the “Only the criminals will have the guns!” concept, which makes that deliberately absurd fantasy scenario a little less effective.)

    jim replied:

    “nor do news graphic departments put guns in heart boxes.”

    haha. I didn’t even notice that at first. Maybe they should put more guns in heart boxes… I wonder if the NRA can do anything about that. You’re right, I was taking it too literally.

    Like I told you the other day, I agree the law goes a little too far.

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