Hey yo. We’re taking over.

At the risk of opening him up to abuse from the usual gang of commenting idiots, my dad has a guest column in today’s Lincoln Journal Star supporting the proposed changes in the LPS calendar. It ran alongside the cartoon below. I told my editor it reflects the intellectual extremes in the Obermeyer men.

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  1. Tim says:

    Even though I’m a member of “the usual gang of commenting idiots”, I thought his article was pretty good. Or perhaps I should have said because I’m a member of “the usual gang of commenting idiots. Anyway, nice article Mr. Obermeyer

  2. neal says:


    I did a really poor job of choosing my words. I wasn’t trying to say that everyone who posts comments at journalstar.com is part of “the usual gang of idiots.” There are people of all political persuasions who attempt to carry on intellectually honest discussions there, but then I’m sure you’re well aware of the people who will just say anything to score a cheap point. I know there are people who still have the patience to try to discuss things in an environment like that, but I’m not one of them. I think my breaking point was when I got compared to Nazis after drawing a cartoon about a Joba Chamberlain impersonator because some commenter couldn’t put his Obama obsession on hold. It’s like, what’s the point of trying to talk to someone when they have no intention of carrying on an honest discussion?

    So my point was not to malign everyone who takes the time to read and comment over there, but you rightfully called me out for the way I phrased it. Sorry about that. I just honestly think, based on how hard some of those people will bend their minds to disagree with something, that there are commenters at the LJS blog who would go flame my dad’s column solely because of the connection to me. It probably wasn’t a point that even needed expressing, and I’m sorry that I inadvertently lumped everyone into it.

    And I’m glad you liked the column.

    EDIT: I should say, I still consider there to be a usual gang of commenting idiots, but I consider them a subset of everyone who posts there. What name do you post under at journalstar.com? I guess it is possible that you are part of that gang… ;)

  3. Tim says:

    No apology necessary, I knew what you meant. I was just giving you a little grief.

    I post under “Tim” there too, though certainly not as often as some. Most of the time I’m not interested in whatever idiotic argument is going on that particular day. The one raging on the “make my day” bill was a particularly stupid example. I oftentimes wonder what kind of social rejects some of these people are in real life. I think it would be intersting to see some of these folks interact with the general public.

  4. nOo says:

    I tried posting a comment over there that ws basically said “Good article”, but my comment was rejected by the mods. I don’t know if their idiocy/inanity filter is cranked up a notch for that article or not, but I appreciated the senior Obermeyer’s clearly-stated, common-sense viewpoint on the subject.

    neal replied:

    You have no idea how much I enjoy the fact that someone appreciated that reference.

  5. NJB says:

    DarrylO = Kevin Nash
    NealO = Scott Hall

  6. Andrew says:

    I clicked through for the sole purpose of making an nWo joke, but it’s already been done. That’s probably a good thing, though.

    Survey says, “One more for the good guys.”

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