Nobody to call him ‘Benator’ anymore

Steve Benen on the Democrats who have taken up the Republican task of killing healthcare reform by delaying it:

It occurs to me, then, that there’s at least a possibility that “centrist” Democrats — Blue Dogs, New Democrats, Lieberman, et al — might not see failure as such a horrible option here. In other words, they may realize that coming up short on health care, letting this opportunity slip away, and hurting millions of Americans in the process may be devastating for the Democratic majority, but these same “centrist” Democrats may prefer a smaller majority, or perhaps even a GOP majority to “balance” the Democratic president. They may very well disagree with the party’s leadership on most issues, and think the best course of action is taking away their power by undermining the party’s agenda.

It seems odd that these “centrist” Democrats would forget the lessons of 1993 and 1994. But alternatively, are we sure they have forgotten those lessons, or have they learned those lessons all too well?

2 Responses to Nobody to call him ‘Benator’ anymore

  1. CrimeCleaner says:

    Pretty interesting stuff, honestly I didn’t know much about Steve Benen before today. I guess we will just have to see what happens with this whole thing…

  2. neal says:

    The Washington Monthly is a very good read. Up until last week, the blog also featured Hilzoy, who was amazing, but she decided to retire from blogging.

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