Nearly ten years ago I began going down a path that I never thought would last this long. My stint as the Daily Nebraskan’s editorial cartoonist began on August 23, 1999, and, while there have been some gaps here and there, I’m now less than a month from that ten-year anniversary. I’ve tossed around a few ideas on how to celebrate that milestone — a new book collection, a gallery show, some sort of blog-based retrospective, retirement — but really haven’t settled on anything. More than likely, as the day grows closer, I’ll just forget about it like I did with the ten year anniversary of my actual debut. But if any of you folks have ideas on something fun I could do to celebrate ten years in this unexpected career, please share.

4 Responses to Decayed

  1. CrimeCleaner says:

    That’s really awesome, Congratulations! Unfortuantely I missed most of that time, but I am trying to catch up now. Is there a good place to look at your past work? perhaps a website? thanks

  2. Hugh Joeballs says:

    I think you can find them at

  3. Proud to say I’ve been reading you since the start, Neal. Began at UNL your first semester of cartooning – you and Baldridge were the whole reason to read the DN. Still doing damn fine work even if the afros have lately been in short supply.

  4. Josh Knaub says:

    Didn’t realize this was your first one. This one really resonated with my friends – in fact, the most common question when people found out I worked at the DN was “do you know that cartoonist?”
    Glad you’re still doing this 10 years on. I still love your take on things. And I still think of one question almost every time I remember to drop by here. “What’s the most tasteless joke I can make about Payne Stewart?”

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