Corresponding with the stars!

I’ve been sending some emails to the powerful lately and thought I’d share the correspondence with you good folks!

On August 13, I received an e-mail to the Nebraska Democratic Party which included this line:

Now, one might think that with ample targets like [Johanns, Terry, Fortenberry and Smith], out-of-state liberal activists hoping to pressure Nebraska’s delegation into supporting health care reform would have no need to fall back on cheap tactics like knocking longtime Democrat Sen. Ben Nelson, who has made a welcome renewal of his commitment to comprehensive reform.

I wrote:

What exactly is “cheap” about an actual Nebraska business owner facing actual problems expressing his viewpoints on Nelson’s actions in the healthcare debate?

The Nebraska Democratic Party’s response:

I also wrote to Senator Ben Nelson on August 12:

I have three questions:

1. Senator Nelson has said that a public insurance plan would cut costs too much, driving private insurers out of business. Given that he does not support a form of savings that he himself identifies as saving a substantial amount of money, yet he insists that cutting costs is necessary, what specific policy does Senator Nelson support to cut healthcare costs?

2. Sen. Nelson and Sen. Johanns have both described the advertisement featuring Mr. Snider as “fiction” and “misleading.” Information presented in those advertisements was sourced, so I am unclear as to what was erroneous. Can you tell me what, exactly, you find to be either fiction or misleading, and what the truth is in those instances?

3. Senator Nelson has insisted that a healthcare bill be bipartisan. Senator Grassley, a key figure in bipartisan talks, has begun spreading the lie that Democratic healthcare bills include government-forced euthanasia for elderly people. Given that Grassley is willing to lie about Democrats’ proposals, why should I assume that he’s a good-faith negotiator in the Senate Finance Committee?

Thank you.

Senator Nelson’s response:

The same day, I sent one to Senator Mike Johanns:

Hello Senator Johanns,

I read your recent press release in which you characterized the health care ads about Senator Nelson as “misleading.” I was wondering what specifically about the advertisements was misleading, and if you could then tell me what the truth is in those instances.

Thank you.

Senator Johanns’ response:

Thank you for contacting my office to express your views and concerns. I will be sending you a written letter of response.

It is an honor and a privilege to represent the people of Nebraska in the United States Senate. Feel free to contact my office at any time, and continue to visit my website to send me your ideas.


Mike Johanns

United States Senator, Nebraska

I also wrote one to Terry Kroeger, publisher of the Omaha World-Herald on August 7:

Hi Mr. Kroeger,
My wife and I canceled our subscription to the Omaha World- Herald after learning of your paper’s policy of not accepting wedding announcements from same-sex couples. We’ve been thinking about resubscribing, but I wanted to check and see if your policy has changed on this issue.
Neal Obermeyer

Kroeger’s response:

I will be out of the office until Monday, August 10th. I will check e-mail messages but probably not immediately.

I hope you found this as enlightening as I did. Thanks for joining me on this dip into the mailbag!

5 Responses to Corresponding with the stars!

  1. Rich Wooger says:

    Quite a good interview with famous people. It was interesting to read all these responses. Good job, guys.

  2. jim says:

    haha. That was great. Especially the last one. Keep doing this bit.

  3. jt says:

    In fairness to the OWH, that dismissive response was originally written by the Kansas City Star.

    neal replied:


  4. What a crap. How can you call it a blog. Change the style, so it will be a bit better

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