4 Responses to PCM THX – Apr 22, 2010

  1. OtisLincoln says:


    I’m sure Frankie appreciates all the calls ;-)

  2. theotherneill says:

    Should have been 867-5309! Or did you write it before, but you lost your nerve? Tried your imagination, but you were disturbed?

  3. NJB says:

    A string of numbers without a 14…FAIL!!!

  4. nathan says:

    I agree with the sentiment of the cartoon, but would like to point out that to type “LOL” (at least on my ancient phone) means typing 555-666-555, and this is after selecting message, then a name, and before accepting the message and sending it, and even then, frequently the message doesn’t go through properly, and I say “LNL,” etc etc…

    I can definitely see why texting would rank higher on the list.

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