The shamefully late Top 10 13 rejects of the month: April

Believe it or not, at the end of April I sat down and wrote out what my Top 10 rejects were going to be. Then I kept the paper in my pocket for whenever I was going to have a minute to post them. Then I took it out of my pocket and lost it. I could’ve done something simple like re-rank them, but instead, I waited until the paper and I were in the same place with a few minutes to spare. And to hopefully atone for the tardiness, I’m throwing in three bonus rejects.

wwe arena

ben nelson main street warren buffett


governor dave heineman mexicans easter bunny eggs

tea party rally

parkour douchebag

kent seacrest snow plow antelope valley

arena obamacare

pro life

tea party rally public space centennial mall lancaster county event center

nebraska right to life ben nelson dave heineman julie schmit albin

holy week arena jesus

homosexual same sex visitation rights horse

3 Responses to The shamefully late Top 10 13 rejects of the month: April

  1. theotherneill says:

    13 rejects that made me laugh this time. Still think they’re better than the published ones.

  2. Julie says:

    Let’s call these “unpublished gems” insteasd of rejects.

    Have you ever thought of finishing these and publishing a book of them? #3 is way, way, WAY too good to go to waste, and #1 is literally one of the funniest cartoons i’ve seen in a while.

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