Top 10 Rejects of Dec 2010 / Jan 2011

So as commenter Todd pointed out the other day, I kind of stopped doing the reject countdowns. June was the last one I did in 2010.

There were several reasons for this — I started using an iPad for my sketches in early July, which changed how I saved my cartoons and made it a little less convenient. I also started cartooning for BoldNebraska this summer, which meant ideas had a little longer shelf-life and at least had more potential to not be relegated to the rejects bin.

But I’m aware of the fact that the rejects were one of the most popular things on the site, so I’ve always intended to bring them back. The beginning of February seemed like a great time, as I could promptly share the Top 10 of January with you. But to be honest, there weren’t a lot of good rejects from January, so I went a little deeper and combined the past two months. And so I present to you the Top 10 Rejects of December 2010 and January 2011!

romantix fire

9. I’m completely coincidentally starting off with back-to-back firefighter cartoons.
police fire fighters firefighters unions

senator ben nelson president barack obama bush tax cuts millionaires

senator ben nelson don stenberg jon bruning rich

chancellor harvey perlman industrial arts building

new year's babies abortion sick diseased

private parking meter patrol

3. I know some people outside of Omaha didn’t get the reference in this cartoon, so here’s an Omaha World-Herald story explaining the billboards.
jesus second coming returns billboards

2. I tried really hard to get someone to take this cartoon.
hour of power criminals gargamel megatron hamburglar darth vader

afghanistan don't ask don't tell

5 Responses to Top 10 Rejects of Dec 2010 / Jan 2011

  1. theotherneill says:

    These rejects look a lot clearer than before. Nicely done.
    7, 8 are my favs.

  2. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Neal Obermeyer, Neal Obermeyer. Neal Obermeyer said: The rejected cartoons have returned! Tell your friends. This is a special Dec 2010 – Jan 2011 edition [...]

  3. Joel Geyer says:

    Edgy! Very good stuff. This is the kind of stuff people printed in underground newspapers in the sixties.

  4. #2 is amazing. But maybe I love it because the Hamburglar is included…

  5. Lane says:

    LOVE number 2!!!

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