Celebrate Ranger week

I think the World-Herald‘s Paul Hammel must’ve lost a bet.

March 14:

The conservative Republican and former Army Ranger told the business group that he was prepared for the “fight” of his life to get some cuts in state income tax passed this year.

March 15:

Gov. Dave Heineman, a former Army Ranger, ratcheted up his rhetoric Wednesday in support of his tax-cut package in its new, slimmed-down form.

March 19:

But Heineman, a former Army ranger, is encountering more flak as he tries to ford the beach of tax relief.

March 20:

Some observers weren’t giving Heineman’s proposal much of a chance this year, but the former Army Ranger dug in his heels, and State Sen. Abbie Cornett kept pushing to see what the Legislature’s budget-writers would accept.

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