Celebrate Ranger week

I think the World-Herald‘s Paul Hammel must’ve lost a bet.

March 14:

The conservative Republican and former Army Ranger told the business group that he was prepared for the “fight” of his life to get some cuts in state income tax passed this year.

March 15:

Gov. Dave Heineman, a former Army Ranger, ratcheted up his rhetoric Wednesday in support of his tax-cut package in its new, slimmed-down form.

March 19:

But Heineman, a former Army ranger, is encountering more flak as he tries to ford the beach of tax relief.

March 20:

Some observers weren’t giving Heineman’s proposal much of a chance this year, but the former Army Ranger dug in his heels, and State Sen. Abbie Cornett kept pushing to see what the Legislature’s budget-writers would accept.

Voluntary Gestures: A film about Jeff Koterba

This actually looks really interesting.

From the Omaha World-Herald:

The 25-minute film, which will have its premiere Thursday night at the Omaha Film Festival, is about the beauty in Tourette’s, rather than the dark side, Morel said.

Koterba embraced the title right away.

An accomplished guitarist and lead singer for the swing band Prairie Cats, as well as a full-time newspaper cartoonist and a published author, Koterba believes Tourette syndrome happens in people who are artistically and athletically inclined.

For sure he knows he wouldn’t be Jeff Koterba without it.

“I believe in this connection between Tourette’s and creativity, even though I don’t know it’s been scientifically proven,” he said.

For more on the Omaha Film Festival, visit omahafilmfestival.org.

From the mailbag: Gary McCoy’s hurt feelings

I’d hate for this to get lost in the comments of a four month old post, but cartoonist Gary McCoy commented last night on a rejected cartoon I did about his work, and I thought it was worth sharing with all of you.

First, from the Top Rejects of September 2011:

9. This sketch is a response to this trash from one of the worst cartoonists in the country.
gary mccoy hurricane irene hype

And here’s Gary’s response (with my comments):

Hey Nealy,

He spells almost as well as he cartoons.

I didn’t know I was one of the worst cartoonists in the country.

No one likes to be the one who delivers bad news.

Sorry, I’ll return my Reuben division awards to the National Cartoonists Society ASAP.

At first I thought “Ooh yes, good idea,” but then I realized he might be attempting sarcasm. That’s the problem with Gary McCoy — it’s hard to tell when he’s making a joke.

Your stuff is clearly superior. Tell me, in what local grocery stores can I find fliers containing more of your dandy work?

I guess he makes a good point; unlike my work, you can apparently find Gary McCoy cartoons in grocery stores (I’m going to take his word for it. I don’t think I’ve ever been leaving the house like “Well, I’m off to the grocery store — just need to pick up some editorial cartoons!”). Other things you can find in grocery stores: toilet paper; kitty litter; suppositories. Other things commonly referenced in the same sentence as fecal matter. Other things funnier and more societally valuable than Gary McCoy cartoons.

Long time fan,
gary mccoy

I think he’s trying the jokes again.

Here’s the deal. It’s unfortunate that Gary’s feelings were hurt to the point where he had to come here and try to prove a point by rubbing his resume in my face. But the guy made money off creating a cartoon that mocked the severity of a hurricane that killed more than 50 people, left many more homeless, and caused nearly $8 billion in damage.

I don’t care about your hurt feelings, Gary.