The first cartoon…

I’ve said before that editorial cartoons were never an influence on me growing up, as I never paid attention to them, and for the most part that’s true. But there was one huge exception, and that was a cartoon drawn by Paul Fell in 1990 for what was then known as the Lincoln Journal. Peru […]

Night Knight?

I realized yesterday that the rights to Night Knight — the serialized comic book that ran in the Journal Star back in the spring of 2005 — have reverted back to me. The Journal Star never did choose to run a sequel or compile the series into book format (a few options that were being […]

Bad Kartoona

In case you miss the Jeff Koterba criticism that used to be so regular on this site, The Bad Cartoonist has taken up the cross. Koterba sent Bad Cartoonist virtually the same cease-and-desist letter he sent me (though much more polite; he didn’t accuse BC of being creepy and obsessed). But BC articulates the irony […]