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My letter to the editor

The LJS doesn’t run general thank-yous in their letters to the editor, so here is a letter I submitted to the paper that won’t otherwise see the light of day. Thank you to the thousands of Lincolnites who once again came out to support the runners in this year’s marathon. Even though I use the […]

A little context

In case you found yourself wondering why I referred to Gary McCoy as “one of the worst cartoonists in the country” a few months back, take a look at this beauty from yesterday. For the record, here is a transcript of what President Obama actually said. It’s gross, really. McCoy seems to think he’s calling […]

Celebrate Ranger week

I think the World-Herald‘s Paul Hammel must’ve lost a bet. March 14: The conservative Republican and former Army Ranger told the business group that he was prepared for the “fight” of his life to get some cuts in state income tax passed this year. March 15: Gov. Dave Heineman, a former Army Ranger, ratcheted up […]

More from the mailbag

A reader writes: The Gary McCoy thing cracks me up. If you search “Gary McCoy cartoons” on google now, your post about him is like #5, which is clear evidence of his popularity. You’re welcome, Gary.