“The Six Deadly Hypocrites”

from Paul Krugman: What’s especially galling is the hypocrisy of their claimed reason for delaying progress — concern about the fiscal burden. After all, in the past most of them have shown no concern at all for the nation’s long-term fiscal outlook. Case in point: the Medicare Modernization Act of 2003, which denied Medicare the […]

Ben Nelson, the Cautious Reformer

So Ben Nelson has drafted a letter and rounded up some buddies who have decided to slam the brakes on healthcare reform. Never mind that Nelson has admitted his demands are incompatible, thus calling into question how serious he is about the prospect of supporting anything. There are real, human costs to delaying reform so […]

Ben Nelson can’t spel (or maybe he can’t count)

from the Washington Post (h/t Yglesias): “Tax is a four-letter word” with voters, said Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Neb.). And from Bloomberg (h/t NNN) Senator Ben Nelson, a Nebraska Democrat, said he’s “not hearing a lot” of support for a surtax on wealthy Americans. People in his state don’t like the millionaire’s tax “because they are […]

Top 10 8 Rejects of the Month: June

I’m honestly not sure why I had so few sketches to choose from this month. I store these things chronologically and there’s a gap in the early part of June, yet I don’t remember taking two weeks off. Anyway, on with the countdown! 8. I’m actually kind of glad this one didn’t get picked. I […]