23 Responses to IOKIYAR – Sept 18, 2009

  1. DavidM says:

    Lie : Knowing one thing and saying another.

    Bush didn’t lie you partisan tool. He listened to these people:


    If Barry O had even a passing semblance of economics he would know how to both end the recession and fix the health insurance system in the US.

  2. Aaron says:

    What is “a passing semblance” of economics? Is that like what you have on the English language?

  3. Flesticle says:

    W and his Dick were war criminals and traitors to the US Constitution. Screw ‘em.

  4. William says:

    Is this all the republicans fault. I have news for you Democrats are in the majority in all three branches of government and the republicans cant say NO if they wanted to. Why are the democrats unable to pass a health care bill without bribing congress critters like Matheson and Nelson

    Neil replied:

    You forgot the conservative majority in the Supreme Court.

    Unknown replied:

    If Democrats want to include republicans in policy decisions instead of just invoking executive/majority power, I don’t see a problem with that. Also, lets not talk about bribery…unless you really want to talk bribery from the Bush years. Because I don’t care what democrats have done, Republicans take the cake on bribing and thieving!

    The fact that the GOP says no all the time has less to do with policy and more to do with politics. They are more interested in making the democrats look inept than they are in helping the American people. They are more interested in protecting their jobs than they are in doing the right thing. It is BIG news when a Republican supports the President. Why? The Republicans had their chance and for a while, Americans loved Bush. But he proved nearly right away that Republicans are 100% out of touch with modern America. It is hard to have any respect for the GOP when they feel the poor are worthless (unless you drive a truck) and the rich are royalty (unless you are a Democrat, then you are an elitist). They drove us into a hole so deep that people have become filled with irrational fear that has caused a lack of faith in our whole governing system. Their hypocracy both politically and personally makes me feel that none of them have the reasoning power to govern. Obama, whatever his other faults may be, is at least trying to move us forward, even if scared, ignorant, people try to hold us back! I think the Republicans of today are going to have to answer to history. They are going to need to defend their reasons for holding progress back. They are going to have to defend why they preach American values then deny basic rights to homosexuals. They are going to have to answer to our children and explain to them why our country was involved in at least 1 if not 2 illegal wars both of which they will have to pay for. They are going to have to explain why they protected big business and allowed our schools and infrastructure to crumble!

    Jane replied:

    The republicans were in the majority when the governement and economy fell apart. Something all conservative newcasters seem to forget to mention when telling everyone how the country sucks now that the Democrats have the majority. Look at history. Republicans screw up the nation, Democrats fix it, republicans get a bunch of money, spew out a bunch of propoganda, get republicans back in office and return to screwing up the country again and pretending like things are great. Do some research outside of political propoganda, and you acually become intelligent and informed, not just another ignorant puppet.

  5. Eugene Debs says:

    I was cited and fined once for passing a semblance without using my turn signal.

  6. Maurice says:

    DaveM, you may want to read more than just the quotes on that page…

    Just below the list of quotes, it talks about how so many are taken out of context, how, if you read the full context, the speaker is actually talking about the exact OPPOSITE: how the weapons do NOT exist, and how they need to be prevented from being made.

    Basically, most of those quotes are quote-mined like a true champ.

    Alex replied:


  7. Joe Blow says:

    That should read “We’re going to make up reasons to go to war, leading to HUNDREDS of thousands of deaths …” The numbers are out by an order of magnitude if you include the dead Iraqis. However, the elephant and the donkey of US politics are too much the same in this regard, aren’t they?

  8. Very well done and thoughtful, but health care is just as evil as war. Controlling the US citizens health is less obvious but more destructive to the actual people of this country. War is easily forgettable.

    Alex replied:

    Exactly. Doesn’t anyone remember the time when other industrialized countries like France and Britain and Canada adopted universal healthcare?! A veritable World War 3! There were atomic syringes and Zyklon-B MRI chambers everywhere! It could only be described as a Geno-caust.

    Your'e doing it wrong replied:


    me replied:

    I can only say: wwwwwhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttt???????
    Since when is trying to provide health care from someone the same as trying to kill and police them?

    me again replied:

    and besides…if there was not a war going on we would seem to have an extra trill or so laying around….

  9. Anon@mous says:

    I passed a mean semblance under the covers last night. My wife was pissed.

  10. dwindle says:

    Bush’s actions made America safer at the expense of a handful of murderers. Obama made America poorer and sacrificed essential liberties in ways no president in US history has done and has nothing to show for it. Nothing he is doing is ever going to save the economy or provide reasonable healthcare. If it wasn’t for people like him, we wouldn’t have terrorism, expensive healthcare, or banks that loan money they don’t have. 50 years ago, nothing like this could ever happen, because Liberals were something that only happened in other countries.

    Star replied:

    Hahahaha dwindle – this is why people are afraid of your country – and not fear like respect, don’t kid yourself. It is a fear knowing your country is at least 60 percent filled with crazies like you. All the things you listed (with the exception of health care – which BTW you really don’t have – still) was done under Bush. You Republican types are seriously the downfall of your country. Thankfully I’ve been boycotting the land of the unfree, the land of torture, the land of the US Patriot Act 1 and 2 prior to the clown boy becoming president in a stolen election. The US is and has been for years the laughing stock of the world. There truly is not a whole lot of difference between the crazy ultra religious countries and the US – you both have enough religious nutbars who want to take people back to biblical times. Have fun with that. Your country is history soon as a super power. Bye bye!

    Chelsea replied:

    I live in the US and I could not agree more, sir or mam. Thank you. Might I add the fact that we have the lowest education of the industrialized countries? We may have big guns but soon our citizens will be too stupid to handle them, and we will lost our power. Honestly, I can’t wait. It’s disgusting how this country keeps shoving its nose in other countries business. We’re dealing with the war in the Middle East and before that was even close to bing dealt with, now we’re picking a fight with China. Yeah, this country is going to s***.

    Tim replied:

    Hey genius, we were going into a recession before Obama was elected. Remember when your newscasters compared him to Hitler because we were in a time of crisis and that’s how Hitler rose to power. Yeah. Time of crisis, in a recession, BEFORE Obama was elected. Learn your history before you open your mouth. Also, if not for your precious conservatives, the bailout would have offered over 700,000 jobs to unemployed americans, which would have helped the economy, and we would have health care. The only thing that’s prevented Obama from success and actually helping this country is your stupid party. The one that continuously screws us all over. So thank you so much for your part is screwing me over.

  11. Max Verde says:

    Bush was a muppet somebody’s hand was up his ass making his mouth move.Read his idiotic memoir, most of it plagiarized. I think 911,if not planned , was used as a means of accomplishing the goals of the puppet masters, whoever they are.The tea party acts like independent people ,but are also manipulated by the same ones . Am I a paranoid fool?, perhaps.

  12. since this article makes sense. Its easy to twist intentions when you spout them off in such a derogatory light. Now i won’t defend either party because they both fail horribly but i just wanted to point out the biased aspect in this column.

    For example you could take hitler and state his intentions in the light he portrayed making him look like a saint. Does not mean he was a good guy just like the Democratic party is not so innocent here. Sadly the people also are portrayed incorrectly also. The republican party had a massive downfall during this era. Very few people were shouting usa.

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