Bad-faith Ben

Paul Fell had some harsh words for Senator Ben Nelson in his e-mail newsletter this morning (which you can and should subscribe to here) in a piece called “A Bad Faith Liar”: Over the weekend, on CBS’ “Face The Nation”, both Lieberman and Nelson seemed to argue vigorously against the new health care proposal – […]

Has Denny’s left Nebraska?

I’m trying to think — the only one I can picture is the one on the 84th Street exit in Omaha and I’m not sure if that’s still there. Long ago, my roommate and I used to take regular early-morning trips to the one at the airport in Lincoln for second dinner, but I know […]

Fiscal conservatism

Good comment from visitor dsimon on a Bruce Bartlett post differentiating between actual deficit hawks and jokers like Evan Bayh: If our politicians can’t make hard choices–or even easy ones–maybe it’s because the public doesn’t really want to make them. If our budgets are consistently fiscally irresponsible, perhaps it’s because voters have wanted it that […]