Unheard of – Jan 10, 2009

from the Lincoln Journal Star

I originally pitched this cartoon based on numerous conversations I’ve overheard throughout the past few weeks, but then it turns out enough people are convinced that “winter weather in December and January” equals “the global warming myth has been debunked” that the AP wrote about it. Awesome.

snow wind winter storms global warming

3 Responses to Unheard of – Jan 10, 2009

  1. nathan says:

    What is this “global warming” about? That is so 1990′s Neal. These days it’s “global climate change” that way we can incorporate ANY weather pattern into the lie!

    neal replied:

    Good point, and you have to acknowledge the clever semantic game at work. “Snow in December” doesn’t have the same logically devastating effect on “global climate change” as it does on “global warming.”

  2. Alex says:

    Global warming and global climate change are, at this historical moment, the same thing. There’s no worldwide scientific conspiracy to dodge the evidence with not very clever semantics.

    Basic science education in this country needs to be vastly improved, particularly so people understand the difference between WEATHER and CLIMATE (and between their REGIONAL climate and GLOBAL climate change). For example, even though we experienced one awfully cold month, 2009 will still be the second hottest year on record because of temperatures in the Southern Hemisphere.

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