Pat yourselves on the back

Give an editorial cartoonist a forum, and he’ll talk about how it’s a shrinking field, how cartoonists are losing their relevance, how papers are opting for syndication rather than the unique voice of their staff cartoonist, blah blah blah. Look at what the brilliant minds of our nation’s finest have to say upon the death of Rosa Parks.

(the following cartoons are from today’s cartoons at

Mike Keefe at The Denver Post:

Robert Ariail of The State in South Carolina:

Ed Stein of the Rocky Mountain News:

Jeff Koterba of the Omaha World Herald:
Rosa Parks getting on a bus in Heaven

Mark Streeter of the Savannah Morning News:

Jeff Stahler of the Columbus Dispatch:

How relevant, valuable or unique are you when all you can do is come up with the exact same idea as a half dozen of your peers? And these are just the cartoonists on Cagle’s syndicate.

Here’s a real statement. At 10:35pm, on October 24th, 2005, at the very moment I heard that Rosa Parks had passed away, I made the following comment:

I predict no less than 27 cartoons tomorrow with God driving a bus in heaven and saying “Why don’t you come sit up here with me.”

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