Cagle: “The first [] Virginia Tech cartoons were terrible”

Daryl Cagle, the man behind the syndicate that bears his name, spoke out on his blog about the awful batch of “predictable” cartoons responding to the tragedy. He specifically mentions the abundance of cartoons including “…Uncle Sam or the Virginia Tech mascot, with bowed heads…” and “…lots of riffs on the school logo…”

He half-heartedly apologizes for the crew, suggesting that the time-crunch brought on by their daily deadlines is to blame. I’d distance myself from some of those cartoons too, but seriously – he’s the one who hires these guys, and he sells them to daily newspapers who are full of other people who have daily deadlines. And it’s not like many of these cartoonists don’t crank out the same batch of predictable and interchangeable cartoons on every topic.

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