Ted Rall hates America, freedom, troops, etc.

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There’s some good discussion going on over at The Daily Cartoonist. It all stems from an Editor & Publisher article citing the disagreement between columnist Michelle Malkin and cartoonist Ted Rall over this particular piece of his work:

Read all about it here:
Daily Cartoonist: Ted Rall and Michelle Malkin get into blogging tiff
(the Daily Cartoonist link also includes links to Malkin’s and Rall’s respective blogs on the subject)

EDIT: I’m going to go ahead and include the link to Rall’s blog here and include an excerpt that DC didn’t get to:

What caught my eye during the past few days, mixed into the usual urine stream of inarticulate outrage at anyone who questions the fucked-up racket of jingoism and militarism, threats of violence and death against yours truly (aren’t these the same folks who criticized Muslims for their violent reactions to the Danish Mohammed cartoons?), was the wonderment at the fact that I don’t seem to be bothered by their anger at me. Why doesn’t Rall care?

A few choice samples of comments from a typical Republican blog. I’m only including a few because there isn’t enough room on my server to handle it all:

“Anyone who whips his ass will be a hero. I‚Äôd be glad to post the video
I’m thinking Ted Rall is a jihadi delight! One of the 72 smooth virgins.
60 years ago Ted Rall would be charged with treason and be sitting in a tent in the 120 degree heat of Arizona right now. One more reason they were the “Greatest Generation”. Our generation is weak and we deserve what we are getting.
You mean to tell me this bitch has been drawing since he was 17, and he still sucks that badly? Wow
Remember the guy from Seattle who crapped on the American flag? Maybe someday I can do that on Ted Rall’s grave.
I’m not defending Ted Rall by any stretch of the imagination, but something has gone very wrong with this guy’s head. I would like to ask him that question as I’m kicking his ass.”

Actually, I’m relieved that these uneducated morons hate me. Who’d want these violent closeted homosexual lunatics to like them? I’d have to double security at my book signings.

5 Responses to Ted Rall hates America, freedom, troops, etc.

  1. Adam D says:

    I’m sorry, but, were any of his points disarmed by Malkin or anyone else? I don’t see the comic as an attack on the troops themselves. It’s more of a systemic problem he’s looking at. From where I sit (TM G.O.J.R.) looking at it as a “gutless attack on our troops” directs all the noise in the wrong direction.

    Which, I’m saying, is exactly why that large amount of din was raised by Ms. Malkin and company, post haste.

  2. Adam D says:

    Drat, now I see you said essentially the same thing over at Daily Cartoonist. Uh, uh… megadittoes!

  3. neal says:

    What Mr. Danger is referring to is this comment I posted at Daily Cartoonist:

    It’s far too easy to just look at this cartoon and say “Ted Rall hates the troops” and “Ted Rall hates America” when the underlying point is clearly the ambiguity and relativity of moral superiority, where one nation’s freedom fighter is another nation’s terrorist.

    Michelle Malkin is right when she suggests the cartoon will turn your stomach Рnot many people are willing to let themselves comprehend what it’s actually saying, in favor of just blindly calling such a discussion “Troop hate.”

    So yeah, I totally agree with you, AD.

  4. Chuck says:

    What a bunch of sanctimonious BS! Rall is and has always been a hater of the military…his work (if you can call his amateurish scribbling work) is nothing but the rantings of someone with the personality of a bent sh*t can lid…”ambiguity and relativity of moral superiority”..where’d you get that drivel.

    The problem here is that there really is a group of people whose goal in life is to create a worldwide caliphate, and those on the left, either wittingly or not, are aiding and abetting them by undermining our troops and our national interests. The ironic thing is that if they succeed, those liberal-minded demagogues will be the first to have their heads separated from their bodies via scimitar.

  5. Adam D says:

    Michael Savage? Is that you? If so, I would love a signed copy of “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder” plz.

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