OMG round 2

Check out Argumentation and the Public Sphere, an analysis of my recent Pederson / Perlman cartoon. It’s by a Nebraska Wesleyan student presumably named Ian Boren, and I stumbled upon it this afternoon while glancing at my incoming links. I can only describe the feeling of reading such a deep analysis from a total stranger […]

Back when…

I recently used an gift certificate to pick up some old books on cartooning that I’d had my eye on. Most revolve around magazine-style gag cartoons, but I was still fascinated by the idea of these books. I’m not really sure why, but something about the idea of writing a how-to book on something […]

Adrian Smith fears blogs (UPDATED!)

Adrian Smith, who apparently knows the Beatrice Fiddler uses typepad. Third district congressman Adrian Smith just keeps making life more interesting. A few days ago, I wrote about his lies on SCHIP – now, his official congressional website is blocking incoming links from blogger accounts! The same Lisa Hannah of Smith Watch who did the […]

More SCHIP fibs

Adrian Smith, who is either a liar or a moron. Nebraska’s three congressmen continue to spew the repeatedly-debunked Bush administration rhetoric against SCHIP, the State Children’s Health Insurance Program. I’m careful to not say Republican Party rhetoric, because some of the bill’s most outspoken supporters have been Republican. In spite of several people’s claims that […]