A real letter to the editor

From the Lincoln Journal Star’s Thursday letters to the editor:

I am a proud American. I fought for my country in World War II. Franklin D. Roosevelt was like a father to me.

I have always stood at attention with my right hand over my heart when I faced our Stars and Stripes. We all should feel that anyone who doesn’t show love and respect for our flag is not a true American.

If we are true Americans, we will vote for those who were born to mothers and fathers who were both Americans.

How can true Americans back a person whose father is a Muslim and who has a Muslim name, Barack Obama? How many Americans have lost loved ones killed by Muslims?

Donald W. Hunt, Lincoln

4 Responses to A real letter to the editor

  1. Samir says:

    Ignorant. Another excuse to express your racism behind a curtain.

  2. Jason says:

    Donald W. Hunt may be an American in name, but his beliefs are very un-American. In his mind, anyone who doesn’t show love and respect for our FLAG is not a true American. Well, in my book, what makes one un-American is if he or she doesn’t show love and respect for our PEOPLE, regardless of gender, race, age, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, etc. Look, I don’t have a feeling of contempt for the American flag, but I also see it for what it is; a symbol and a piece of cloth. We all owe gratitude to the veterans of American wars, but what they fought for was us, not a piece of cloth, which is simply a symbol that represents us. Barack Obama is as American as you are Donald Hunt, whether you want to accept that or not. Actually, I think he’s more American than you are, because at least he’s open minded. And for your information, Obama’s father was RAISED as a Muslim, but he later became an atheist. I suppose you’re prejudiced against atheists too though. Also, Obama’s father couldn’t be a Muslim right now as you claim, because he died in 1982. I don’t vote or not vote for someone based on their name, as Hunt apparently does. I also don’t care what the religion of a candidate’s parent was. I’m looking for qualities in a presidential candidate such as integrity, intelligence, judgment, and the ability to inspire and unify. Or how about this, a president who acts like an adult and shows humility instead of arrogance. I think Barack Obama meets these qualities better than any of the candidates. For Donald Hunt to somehow insinuate that Barack Obama is partly responsible for American deaths that were caused by people who happened to be Muslim is sick and absolutely ridiculous.

  3. I totally agree with the writers of the former comments. Mr. Hunt does absolutely not know what he´s actually believing in. He says, hes believing in the actual America and everything it stands for? Well here is the fact: America is a melting pot, where every people are welcome to live together under the conviction of a peaceful life and the pursuit of happiness. What makes you an American Mr. Hunt? Americans started off being emmigrants. Each and everyone of them. And so were parts of your family. So why would you have so much anger inside of yourself towards other people? You dont seem to know what kind of country you love!

  4. kernel mcguckin says:

    Ah the Greatest Generation! It is pretty entertaining to ask the elderly midwestern folk what they think about Obama, “ie. “That colored fellow.” Mr. Hunt is probably in his 80s or 90s and will be dead soon enough. A fun fact about WWII veterans, god-bless’m, is that something like 75% of them came home from the War with STDs.

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