Zappy’s dead – Feb 13, 2008

from the Omaha Reader Although as a human being, I was excited to hear that the electric chair was deemed unconstitutional, but as a cartoonist, I was a little saddened because I never got to use the Zappy the Chair character. He made a few appearances in sketches, but never approved ones. Here was the […]

Cartoons in Kentucky

Pam Platt of the Louisville, Kentucky Courier-Journal wrote a column this weekend about editorial cartoonists’ approaches to drawing minority candidates. If you’re an editorial cartoonist, are there any special guidelines or sensitivities when it comes to drawing Clinton and Obama? How do you use exaggeration and caricature with these candidates, who are shattering gender and […]

More Super Tuesday observations

1. The media called California for Clinton after about 15% of the vote was counted. She had a percentage in the mid-50s while Obama was high-20s / low-30s. 2. As the percentage of total vote climbed from around 25% to 30%, I watched as Obama went from being down 54% to 32% to being down […]

Super Tuesday poll comparisons

I was pretty shocked by how Obama had pulled ahead in California polls, yet by midnight he was down by almost 20% in the actual vote count. Pundits are claiming it’s all the Hispanics and Asians going for Clinton; apparently everyone* forgot to talk to them over the past few weeks while conducting their polls. […]

A swift victory

“I won’t let anyone Swift Boat this country’s future.” Those were Hillary Clinton’s words tonight. Claims like those are precisely what people are talking about when they say Democrats are no better than Republicans, because it takes either ignorance or partisan blinders to not see right through that. Charades like that are what make people […]