U-T buyouts once again protect cartooning

There are a good number of ways in which the San Diego Union-Tribune is following national newspaper trends, including their latest buyout program, which Don Bauder at The Reader reported on yesterday. But just like last year’s buyouts, there is one significant way in which the U-T is defying national newspaper trends — in times […]

Fun letter

from the Lincoln Journal Star’s Thursday letters to the editor: Toon attacks freedom After seeing the Aug. 20 editorial cartoon by Neal Obermeyer on the primary seat-belt law proposal, I think he should have been sent to the Summer Olympic Games on a one-way ticket. They understand his type of non-freedom thinking style over there. […]

In-house notes

• As you may have guessed from the image at the right, nealo.com is now optimized for the iPhone and iPod touch. Users will still have the option of switching back to the standard Safari view if they so choose, but otherwise iPhone and iPod touch users will automatically be greeted by a portable-browser friendly […]

New San Diego blogs

I want to draw visitors’ attention to two new additions to the links at right — the OB Rag blog and SanDiegoish.com. The OB Rag is the third incarnation of what was originally an actual newspaper in the ’70s. It was “…initiated to ply the San Diego scene with news and commentary from a distinctively […]

The retraction

Since I wasn’t contacted for the Journal Star’s recent story about the error in one of my cartoons, I’ll give my comment here. Early last month, the Journal Star ran a story in which city councilmember Jon Camp was being very tough on WRK, a development team that has a lot of projects in Lincoln […]