UNL administration snubs the DN

from today’s staff editorial:

You may have noticed that some of our news stories have been missing a few noticeable voices recently. Those voices include University of Nebraska-Lincoln Chancellor Harvey Perlman, other campus vice chancellors, associate vice chancellors and many more sources you’ve grown to expect to read in our coverage of important campus topics.

Let us explain the situation our reporters are encountering: These people, mainly administrators, aren’t talking to us. Therefore, we can’t interview them. Without interviews, we can’t quote them in our stories. Here’s why:

At the beginning of the school year, our newly developed projects desk started asking for documents from university officials.

Let’s just say our administration wasn’t too happy with us asking for documents, and soon some of the most important voices on campus received an e-mail from Susan Poser, associate to the chancellor, telling them that Perlman said to not answer any questions or look into any inquiries or requests for documents from journalists working at the Daily Nebraskan…

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  1. Outragous! says:

    University administration is quite good at circling the wagons, especially when the students they serve are the ones asking for transparency and the truth (gasp). The Hergert fiasco was another good example. Dick “Cheney” Wood must still be hanging around. And ole Harv “Palin” Perlman, what a disappointment, defaulting to a lawyerish Nixonian paranoid control freak. But he ought not brush aside fact seekers, even if they god-forbid are those damn pesky students. Perlman’s continued disrespect for the student body exemplifies that each student is but a mere number on the excel spreadsheet he can waive around at the end of summer touting increased enrollment. What a fing joke. This should leave students outraged, but it probably won’t for the most part. Maybe they will start a facebook group…

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