Rejects update

Apologies for the delay on posting some of the past few rejects. I intended to get them all posted in advance so that the Top 31 would unfold seamlessly, but it’s just been a busy enough past few weeks that I didn’t get as much done as I hoped. But the gaps have been filled, and every day from here on out is pre-posted to run on time, ensuring there will be no further gaps or days without a Top 31 entry.

I’ve tried to make it a rule to not include any rejects that I had already posted earlier in the year. There’s always a little internal struggle with that — do I save this great reject for the countdown, knowing that I love it and it will rank highly? Or do I post it now, so as to maximize its timeliness? I slipped up with #18, forgetting I had posted that on Halloween, so we have a new #18 in its place. Here are links to all of the other great rejects from the past year in case you missed them first time around.

A rejected cartoon – Feb 8
A big week – web exclusive – May 9
Thursday reject – July 3
Because they’ll never run in the Journal Star – Aug 1
Watch out, Missouri – Sep 8
Happy Halloween – Oct 31
Life imitates art – Nov 4

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