Other papers recognizing same-sex couples

In a post titled As the World Turns, with obviously no awareness of the extra level of irony that carries here in Nebraska, a Dish reader in Kansas City pointed out the local paper’s inclusion of a same-sex couple:

I glanced at the newspaper laying on our office conference table, and it was open to the traditional Valentine section highlighting local couples and their stories. This particular paper was the Sun Tribune, which is a local weekly based in North Kansas City, a typical inner-ring, old suburb of Kansas City, Missouri.

It’s not the “hip” section of town, or a trendy place. This is where people live when they want to save money and don’t really want to be in the middle of the city. This paper is not the “alternative” paper in metro Kansas City, it’s normally read for its coverage of local high school sports.

One of the couples highlighted was a gay couple, but there was no focus on the fact they were gay. Their status simply said “married”, just like some of the other couples, and they discussed their wedding in Vancouver as part of their story. Apparently, a section of Missouri that voted narrowly for John McCain thinks gay marriage is no big deal. The fight may be over sooner than you think.

But to the World-Herald, acknowledging the existence of these couples is offensive.

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