John Cole on Republican denial

from a former Republican:

One of the chief economic advisers to their then Presidential candidate repeatedly referred to those feeling the pain of the recession as a nation of whiners while suggesting it was all in their heads, and now, as it is blindingly obvious that we are in serious, serious trouble, the leading lights of the opposition party are spending their days getting economic advice from a handyman who could not figure out that because he made significantly less than 250 grand a year he would not be having his taxes increased, taking their political advice from a radio loudmouth, holding panels at their annual conference discussing how Al Franken and ACORN are ruining Democracy, and spending their days questioning whether or not our President is actually an American. Meanwhile, as the DOW looks like it will dip below 7000 on more horrible economic news, the grass roots movement of the party is throwing “tea parties” to protest attempts by the opposition party to address this crisis.

When you hear the wingnuts talk triumphantly about their little tea party today, that is the appropriate context (from the comments: “Remind me, was the original tea party a demonstration against 95% of the colonies getting a tax cut?”). I honestly don’t know how anyone with half a brain still identifies as a Republican or conservative. These guys seem intent on doing to the conservative brand what they did to the name liberal brand, only much more effectively. This is a bankrupt movement.

UPDATE: Cole posted in his comments as well:

Yes, the Democrats are not perfect, and they not only do not have all the answers and should accept much of the blame for where we currently are.

But christ on a crutch, one side is trying to stave off armageddon, the other side is fomenting civil unrest, saying no to everything, and seems to honestly think the path to the future requires little more than a judicious use of twitter and some hip-hop appeal. We have to make a f—ing choice here as our system is a binary construct, and it isn’t even close, so knock it off with the bulls—.

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