Ah, Ben Nelson

So Ben Nelson has claimed he is leaning against the budget because of how much it is going to cost, even though he is fighting efforts to change student loan subsidies that would save taxpayers $4 billion per year. Well, he’s now also one of nine Democratic senators who voted to cut the estate tax […]

An example of why I hate April Fool’s Day

Most of why I hate April Fool’s Day is because a good number of people have confused clever pranks or satire with just telling lies. Another reason why I hate April Fool’s Day is because sometimes there is genuine news that is so absurd you are afraid to treat it seriously. And unfortunately, Congressional Republicans […]

Sales pitch

I know I promised no more sales pitches, but this whole comic book artist thing is fun, and so talking about something I genuinely enjoy doing doesn’t feel nearly as shameless as “please buy this!” which was what I imagined when I made the aforementioned promise. I just wrapped up art on issue #2 of […]