Opposite marriage day – Apr 28, 2009

from the Omaha Reader This story keeps getting more scandalous! Miss California Carrie Prejean became an overnight hero for conservative Christians after her now famous beauty pageant response, but her efforts to subsequently paint herself as a martyr were met with charges of lying from those she accused. “She chose to stand up in church […]

Fighting the pig flu

It’s been kind of disturbing watching the news coverage of swine flu escalate throughout the day. So in my attempt to save billions of human lives, I shall now link to CNN for the best advice on how to beat the pigs: Health officials’ advice is to follow common-sense precautions: Wash your hands, stay home […]

Ben Nelson vs Himself

from Ezra Klein: Obama wants to save tens of billions of dollars by eliminating the [student loan] middlemen. Study after study shows that they increase cost and add no value. But some of those middlemen are in Nebraska. And for all Nelson’s deficit heroics, he’s not so concerned about the debt that he’d harm a […]

Making us proud

Nebraska’s “Tea Party” gets some national attention, likely getting forwarded around thanks to its stupidity — “No taxation without representation” was apparently the chant of the day. Bravo, morans.