Top 10 13 rejects of the month: March

Last month’s rejects were dominated by cartoons about the prenatal care controversy, so I threw in some extras.

I still can’t believe that’s blown over so quickly. Unborn babies are denied medical care here because there mothers are Mexicans, and this wannabe “pro-life” state has just moved on. Nebraska Right to Life has already punished Governor Heineman by giving him their endorsement. Makes me sick.

13. This one was actually invalidated before I had a chance to run it by my editor. It was rejected by destiny.
lincoln arena epa testing

dinosaurs extinct


10. This was in response to a Journal Star editorial, in which the board argued “Our umbrage is not directed at the merits of the direct student loan program. In fact, the Journal Star editorial board has long supported expansion of direct student loans from the government as less costly to taxpayers,” and “Another effect of the reform is its probable impact on the national debt. Jeff Noordhoek of Nelnet estimated in 2008 that the change could add hundreds of billions to the national debt” in the same editorial.

governor dave heineman pinata mexicans budget deficit

8. Charlie Janssen is this year’s Mark Christensen.
senator charlie janssen courage mexicans dream act

attorney general jon bruning health care


nebraska right to life julie schmit albin schmit-albin senator ben nelson governor dave heineman health care prenatal

4. This one would work better if you could see the blood being washed off his hands.
governor dave heineman bscd residents unborn mexican babies

nebraska pro life signs


nebraska pro life horse shit

3 Responses to Top 10 13 rejects of the month: March

  1. Discovered your blog tonight and really enjoyed your “rejects”. Love your sense of humor. I’ll be a frequent visitor.

  2. theotherneill says:

    Boo to #12. But 11-1 Rocked. It’s sad that the LJS wouldn’t print these.

  3. Jo Bunda says:

    Hard to pick a favorite, but #5 reflects what I’ve been thinking ever since I heard Julie Smug-Albin baying at the moon on KLIN about the absolute unmitigated gall of Ben Nelson agreeing to abortion language without her approval.

    The rest are great, too. #1 & #4 are classic.

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