Tomorrow night is the final robot show

I ended up spending probably around 15 hours putting together the finale episode of “Ro Ro Ro Your Bot,” which finally gives my KRNU career the proper ending it deserved. It ended up being four hours long, includes four different robot dance parties, has guest stars, time-traveling, laser battles, the death of a major character and a love story. It’s probably largely due to how tired I am, but parts of it brought tears to my eyes.

It references past episodes, going back five years to the original robot show, as if anyone pays as much attention to this stuff as I do. It is simultaneously beautiful and unlistenable, magnificent and obnoxious, and perhaps the most self-indulgent science fiction dance music radio show ever.

It’s like a four hour symbol of every emotion I’ve ever felt, every success and every failure, using a robot’s desire for radio domination as the vehicle for life’s lessons. It is a tribute to the joys of adolescence, the pain of young adulthood and the peace of maturity. It’s also about the power of pop music to simultaneously capture a moment and a lifetime.

It is the greatest thing I have ever made.

If you find yourself with nothing to do from 9pm to 1am Friday night, check it out. 90.3 KRNU, streaming online at

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