Keeping up with Duke

Dave Maass at SD CityBeat has an update on Randy “Duke” Cunningham that is definitely worth the read.

But if you aren’t subscribing to the VoiceofSanDiego e-mail updates, you missed Randy Dotinga’s gem of a plug:

Cunningham is in a federal prison in Tucson, where he’s hoping to reduce his sentence by helping prisoners get their high-school equivalency degrees. “During the morning and afternoon I teach GED students and 3 nights/wk teach adult education,” he writes to the paper, which asked him by letter how things are going. “It was a good fit, since I have taught in college and high school.”

He also says he’s seen the flawed justice system first-hand. “Maybe that’s why God put me here to bring about much needed prison reform,” he writes. “Millions of prisoners but 4x that in families are harmed.”

I’m such a cynic. I think God put him in there because he committed really bad crimes.

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