My Breakup Letter to the 40th & Dodge McDonald’s

The 40th & Dodge McDonald’s and I have a long history together. When I moved to Omaha in 2006, it became my new cartooning office. I’d load up my newspapers and head down there to crank out my sketches for the day. Most of my greatest “Witnessed” sketches — like this one, this one, this one and this one — took place there.

Over time, I began cartooning at other places, but that was still my favorite. So it was with a heavy heart that I sent this customer feedback through last week:

I consistently have terrible experiences at the 40th & Dodge McDonald’s, but I keep coming back because it’s convenient and it was my first favorite McD’s in Omaha. I have this strange emotional attachment to it, dating back to when I first moved to town. It’s always filthy and my order is always messed up, even when really simple (for example, two weeks ago I ordered a $1 sausage breakfast burrito. I got the more expensive McSkillet burrito. Instead of correcting the order, the staff just told me how underrated the McSkillet is). But I still came back! It had charm.

But not anymore. Last week I was there for lunch, and a man stood at the drink station and washed his face and hair in the water dispenser. He was leaning in, head under the spout, washing off. It’s disgusting on its own, but what made it unforgivable was the fact that a manager was standing right there, refilling the napkins and straws. Didn’t say a word. I know I should’ve said something, but I was shocked by the whole scene.

I used to have fun in the Foursquare battle to be mayor of that location. I think I’m still mayor now. But I’m never going back. This was the straw that broke the filthy, cluttered, poor-listening camel’s back. So I just thought you should know — if this location has gotten so awful that its Foursquare mayor is giving up on it, I can’t be the only one.

I do not want or need anything in response to this. I’m still a happy McDonald’s customer. I still frequent other locations in town. But I’m done at 40th & Dodge.

As I told them, I didn’t want or need anything in response. The last thing I wanted was a coupon or something redeemable only at that location. “Come see how we’ve stopped letting people bathe in our drink station and have a Big Mac on us!” But I was kind of hoping they’d call or send an e-mail.

I still hold the mayor crown even though I haven’t been there in almost two weeks. Whoever wants it, it’s yours.

4 Responses to My Breakup Letter to the 40th & Dodge McDonald’s

  1. Jason says:

    neal replied:

    This is the greatest thing ever, aka “My new facebook profile photo.”

  2. Erik Launiainen says:

    It wasn’t deposed Mayor McCheese washing himself, was it?

  3. Tony Roberts says:

    Holy shit mang, that’s the nastiest shit I’ve heard in a while. I hate McDonald’s and wouldn’t eat their food if you paid me, but now I’ve been reaffirmed in my Anti-McD’s stand.

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