Top Rejects of September 2011

Continuing along with yesterday and the day before, except this batch isn’t really all that late!

9. This sketch is a response to this trash from one of the worst cartoonists in the country.
gary mccoy hurricane irene hype

energy security

graffiti complaints

6. This one was actually approved to run, but Heineman ended his unusually short review period before it saw print.
dave heineman smoking monkey mike foley DHHS audit

legacy of 9/11 torture waterboarding

vices memorial stadium transcanada keystone xl pipeline lil red

arena groundbreaking lil red university chris beutler

DHHS amateurs

governor dave heineman transcanada keystone xl pipeline

One Response to Top Rejects of September 2011

  1. Gary says:

    Hey Nealy, I didn’t know I was one of the worst cartoonists in the country. Sorry, I’ll return my Reuben division awards to the National Cartoonists Society ASAP. Your stuff is clearly superior. Tell me, in what local grocery stores can I find fliers containing more of your dandy work?

    Long time fan,
    gary mccoy

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