A little context

In case you found yourself wondering why I referred to Gary McCoy as “one of the worst cartoonists in the country” a few months back, take a look at this beauty from yesterday. For the record, here is a transcript of what President Obama actually said.

It’s gross, really. McCoy seems to think he’s calling out someone for exploiting a tragedy to score political points, and I guess in a way he is. But considering how much McCoy had to invent in order to construct the strawman he depicts, I don’t think he’s exposing the person he thinks he is.

3 Responses to A little context

  1. Colosimo says:

    Gary is most definitely “a fat”. In fact right now he’s engaged in an internal struggle: “If I don’t reply to Neal’s post I’ll look weak. If I do reply I’ll look like a chubby loser with too much time on my hands.” True to his character he will do nothing save for sitting silently, squinting, gnashing his teeth, stewing in his own fat. Perhaps sitting on his hands. Perhaps with one hand in his ass crack. Hopefully Gary’s son disowns his father after he finds out his dad is a talentless hack — a gluttonous one at that. (P.S. Hey Gary! Sale on pork rinds, aisle 3.)

  2. Kendra says:

    I don’t have much to say except you’re right. I saw his Sandra Fluke cartoon awhile ago and wow. Not witty, not subtle, not artful. Just ugly vitriol and even then, the lowest hanging fruit. It makes me sad that this guy is a working cartoonist. If he posted his cartoons on fliers at a grocery store, he wouldn’t be allowed back.

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