Owh! – Jan 14, 2009

from the Omaha Reader 1/15 UPDATE: I learned last night that The Reader decided not to run this cartoon. from The Reader‘s coverage: (story not online) now posted “As a business decision, the Omaha World-Herald does not print same-sex marriage announcements,” company spokesperson Joel Long told The Reader. He said the company’s decision is not […]

WWE: “Hulk Hogan was a terrible wrestler”

Commentary on the public release of WWE steroid testimony is doing the rounds, including Marc Ambinder @ the Atlantic and Michael Scherer @ Swampland and Ambinder again. But to get the full effect, and hours of entertainment, check out the full supply of testimony released last week from the House Oversight committee. You get interviews […]

Outside the squiggly-lined box – Jan 6, 2009

from the Omaha Reader Don Walton reported on an idea being floated around by Nebraska Republicans in his Monday column: Because Washington County already is in the 1st District and bounds Douglas County on the north, why not extend the 1st District boundaries southward and snatch Omaha’s 1st and 2nd Wards? Move north Omaha’s African-American […]

538 on Coleman / Franken

Nate Silver has had two great posts today detailing the Senate recount in Minnesota. “Did the Wall Street Journal fire their fact checkers?” takes a look at the facts behind many of the Republican talking points circulating about this race, and “The good news for Coleman” outlines what the Coleman camp is banking their strategy […]

The Daily Felltoon

Nebraska cartooning legend Paul Fell has created a new email service — The Daily Felltoon. Subscribers to the service receive a new cartoon in their inbox each business day. As more newspapers and magazines face growing pressures on their finances, they’ve often made the decision to eliminate high-quality content, including the work of cartoonists. This […]