More executive bonuses, please

Showing the ridiculous extent to which Republicans’ opinions on anything are now determined by simply choosing the exact opposite of what Barack Obama says, Rudy Giuliani is now arguing that huge executive compensation unrelated to actual performance is good for the economy. Not only that, but if you try to do something to curb the […]

Yglesias on Nelson’s stimulus opposition

What “Belongs” in the Stimulus?” The stimulus bill is huge. It’s huge because the macroeconomic situation requires a huge stimulus. The stimulus bill is also multi-faceted. And it needs to be multifaceted because it’s so huge. Targeted tax cuts can be good stimulus, but you can’t do $850 billion of well-targeted tax cuts. Infrastructure can […]

Everybody’s an economist

It was a busy week for national economic writing in San Diego’s alternative media world. Voice of San Diego’s “Nerd’s Eye View” commentator Rich Tuscano wrote a two-part essay arguing against a coming deflationary period (Check out part one and part two). Voice contributor Seth Hettena responded with a lengthy rebuttal, “Why you should bet […]

Bad PR for the World-Herald

• There’s been a little backlash against the Omaha World-Herald after news broke that the paper refused to run a gay couple’s wedding announcement. Since that story ran in The Reader, the Daily Nebraskan ran an editorial, Nebraska StatePaper re-ran The Reader’s story (check those comments) and the Omaha TV News blog drew some attention […]