Silver, TPM and Yglesias (and now updated with Klein) respond to the new case against global warming

George Will had a funny way of arguing against global warming in his Sunday column. I agree with Nate Silver at 538 that Will is usually “fairly intellectually honest,” and he’s probably my favorite conservative columnist, but when you go around spouting stuff that’s verifiably not true in a flimsy self-serving logical construction, you’re going […]

Other papers recognizing same-sex couples

In a post titled As the World Turns, with obviously no awareness of the extra level of irony that carries here in Nebraska, a Dish reader in Kansas City pointed out the local paper’s inclusion of a same-sex couple: I glanced at the newspaper laying on our office conference table, and it was open to […]

Brian Beutler vs. Nelson

In response to news that Ben Nelson won’t vote for a stimulus package that differs much from the “compromise” he brokered: The House bill, in addition to being more stimulative, is also cheaper. So if Pelosi wins in conference, and Arlen Specter drops out, the question is whether Snowe and Collins and, I suppose, Nelson, […]