I got blasted in two letters this week for this cartoon: Cartoon in poor taste I thought Neal Obermeyer’s editorial cartoon (LJS, Aug. 10) was in especially poor taste, and you should not have run it. Regardless of how you feel about the topic of abortion (in any form), referring to the ruthless murder of […]

U-T gets rid of Bob Kittle

Voice of San Diego’s Rob Davis describes Kittle’s legacy as the Union-Tribune‘s former editorial page editor: “He was very liberal with the facts,” [Councilmember and former mayoral candidate Donna] Frye said. “And had a great disregard for truth. Name-calling goes with the territory. That doesn’t bother me. But what bothered me was the absolute lack […]

Contrasts in dissent

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), who opposes the House and Senate health care bills: “It does us no good to incite fear in people by saying that there’s these end-of-life provisions, these death panels,” Murkowski, a Republican, said. “Quite honestly, I’m so offended at that terminology because it absolutely isn’t (in the bill). There is no […]

Top 10 Rejects of the Month: July

Heavy on the healthcare this month, but that’s to be expected when you can’t read the local news without seeing Ben Nelson making another stupid comment sticking up for the poor endangered insurance industry. I think he’s looking out for me, making sure I keep cranking out the angry doodles. 10. 9.

That ‘competitive’ poll

The results of a recent Gallup survey showing Nebraska shifting from “lean Republican” to “competitive” have generated some discussion, particularly centered around the surprising percentages of Nebraskan who claim to favor Democrats and those who favor Republicans. Here’s a comparison between the poll results, 2008 voter registration numbers and 2008 presidential election results: Gallup survey […]

Ben’s rules – Aug 4, 2009

from the Omaha Reader Michael Snider, the business owner who is featured in the Democracy for America commercial, spoke with the Huffington Post about a phone call he received from Senator Nelson regarding the commercial: “I told him I didn’t understand. And he tried to explain it. He put his position out. He said if […]