Let’s make it 1, 3, 4, 7 and 10

From an L.A. Times “analysis” story printed in Tuesday’s Journal-Star about the potential elimination of a public option (emphasis mine): Families USA Executive Director Ron Pollack, a leading consumer advocate who has been pushing a healthcare overhaul for decades, said his group had been distributing a memo touting the “10 Reasons to Support the Health […]

Saying goodbye to recurring characters

I was working on a cartoon recently that includes a public figure whose time in the spotlight will soon be ending, and it got me thinking about how that kind of farewell happens quite a bit once you’ve spent a few years cartooning. It’s simply the nature of public life that time as a comment-worthy […]

Ben Nelson vs. Ben Nelson

Remember how Ben Nelson was worried about a public option because it would work too well and drive all the private insurers out of business? Well now he’s opposed to a public option because it wouldn’t work at all.

Corresponding with the stars!

I’ve been sending some emails to the powerful lately and thought I’d share the correspondence with you good folks! On August 13, I received an e-mail to the Nebraska Democratic Party which included this line: Now, one might think that with ample targets like [Johanns, Terry, Fortenberry and Smith], out-of-state liberal activists hoping to pressure […]