There was media coverage of Christensen’s birther bill after all

Thanks to my laziness, I didn’t get the Monday, January 31st edition of the Lincoln Journal Star until Friday of last week (the mailman scrawled “Not shoveled!” on the front of the paper. And while that is true — I was a bit slow getting the sidewalk from the street to my house clear — my mailman doesn’t even use the sidewalk when it’s shoveled; he cuts through a flower garden, steps on plants and breaks my little lights! But anyway…) and I didn’t read through that paper until today.

Lo and behold, Don Walton mentioned Mark Christensen’s birther bill in his Monday column:

Sitting in the pile of this year’s pending legislative bills is a measure introduced by Mark Christensen designed to require presidential candidates — uh, that would be Barack Obama — to jump through a series of “birther” hoops to get his or her name on the ballot in Nebraska. Must be born in the USA and subject exclusively to the jurisdiction of the United States; both parents U.S. citizens; multiple documents and records required.

So I was wrong when I stated in the “Birther update” post that nobody else in Nebraska media was touching it. Don did! And I should’ve known that Don would.

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