Birther update

Well, it took a reprinted Nebraska News Service article in the McCook Daily Gazette for Nebraska media to touch it, but now people are finally talking about Senator Mark Christensen’s Birther Bill.

The story is worth reading, but here are a few interesting points:

  • Christensen was motivated to introduce the bill because “Whenever you have a large amount of citizens who have doubts, it hurts our government. It hurts the integrity of the government,” he said.
  • And when he refers to “large amounts of citizens,” he is talking about the “two or three e-mails [he has received] from constituents who are concerned about the persistent rumors that President Barack Obama is not a citizen.”
  • And even though there is no constitutional requirement that a presidential candidate’s parents are U.S. citizens, Christensen says that for him, “…it’s about following the Constitution.”
  • As always, the comments on the story are fantastic. And check out The Huffington Post’s recap too.

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    1. kevin says:

      I’d never experienced the McCook Daily Gazette comments. Oh, the horror.

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