NHSPA Resources

Hello NHSPA members – if you’re here after I spoke with you at this year’s convention, here are some of the online resources I mentioned:

Great websites

The Association of American Editorial Cartoonists
Profiles and cartoons from AAEC members, plus regular updates of industry news. Also where you can get your copy of The Golden Notebook.

Cartoons for the Classroom
These semi-weekly lessons are a joint offering from the AAEC and NIE (Newspapers in Education). They frame debates on political discussion around the medium of editorial cartoons.

The Daily Cartoonist
A fantastic source for industry news and links to what many innovative cartoonists are working on.

Nieman Reports
Editorial Cartoons: The Impact and Issues of an Evolving Craft

Winter 2004
Vol. 58, No. 4

* Journalist’s Trade: Editorial Cartoons
* Words & Reflections: ‘Can journalism survive in this era of punditry and attitude? If so, how?’ Journalists respond.
* Words & Reflections: Books

Download the entire issue (2.6 mb PDF)

Political Science and Politics
The State of the Editorial Cartoon

April 2007
Vol. 40, No. 2

* Background
* U.S. Politics
* Global Politics

Download individual articles

ComicBookResources.com: Stars of Political Cartooning – a month-long series looking at great cartoonists of the past.

CampusProgress.org: Jen Sorensen on the lack of female cartoonists

Last year, someone asked about recommended classes to take if you’re interested in cartooning, and I didn’t think of it at the time, but I would recommend a photography class, which would give you a good grasp of how to compose and frame your cartoons. Much like in photography, you are telling a story with your cartoon, and the best storytelling depends on smart composition.

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