Humor Times caption contest!

From Always wanted to be a cartoonist, but can’t draw worth a darn? Test your abilities by writing the caption for a pre-drawn cartoon! Just send in your idea for the cartoon below to Humor Times Caption Contest! Win a Free Subscription to the Humor Times hard-copy edition! Here’s the blank cartoon they provide, […]

Cagle: “The first [] Virginia Tech cartoons were terrible”

Daryl Cagle, the man behind the syndicate that bears his name, spoke out on his blog about the awful batch of “predictable” cartoons responding to the tragedy. He specifically mentions the abundance of cartoons including “…Uncle Sam or the Virginia Tech mascot, with bowed heads…” and “…lots of riffs on the school logo…” He half-heartedly […]

Political comics

The Comics Reporter has posted a recent blog addressing comics touching on political issues, including some recent Doonesbury strips as well as commentary on the lameness and sameness of many of the Virginia Tech editorial cartoons.